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Ludum Dare 34 submission by Wes Rockholz and Jackie Wiley from Yes And Games.

Four friends escape from their captors by using their niche skills as a team. Inspired by the potential LD34 theme "Stick Together," Escape Squad blends the isometric, top-down shooter mechanics of Binding of Isaac with the single-entity party mechanic of Legend of Grimrock to create a uniquely tactical action roguelike. Play as the four best friends Bearemy the Barbearian, Moz the Firefox, Bandit the Ranger Racoon, and Cynthia the Armordillo escaping from their evil captor-animals. Each shoots in the direction they are facing, and you can rotate the party to change your tactical setup.

This game is a prototype created in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 34 game jam. The code and assets are open source and are available on GitHub.

We made this game during the Kickstarter for our full-time project, Adventure Guild. Please support us by checking out, backing, and sharing our Kickstarter campaign. For more information, find us on social media, it's not too hard.


Keyboard: WASD to move, navigate menus, Arrow Keys to shoot, Space to enter doors and select.

360 Controller: Left Stick to move, D-Pad to navigate menus, ABXY to shoot, A to go in doors and select.

Install instructions

Browser: press play above on a browser that supports the Unity Web Player

OSX: download and open the .app, make sure you give your mac permissions to run apps downloaded from the internet

Windows: download and run the .exe and give your pc permission to run, we promise it's safe


Escape Squad for OSX 14 MB
Escape Squad for Windows 43 MB

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